We're Ready for our New Homes



KEVIN - Mini - Gelding - Halter broke - the smallest of the minis... but don't tell him that.  He takes a while to warm up, but a cookie will always get attention.



DAVE - Mini - Gelding - Halter Broke - the tallest of the minis.  More Whoa than go. As with most Minis, will do anything for food.



BOB - Mini - Gelding - Halter Broke - A little guy with big heart.  Loves attention & is easy going.


Mare Mare

MARE MARE - QH Type (maybe some mustang in there too) - Mare - 7+ - an absolutely stunning girl with incredible movement & stamina.  Very stocky.  We have not confirmed if she is Halter Broke.  She is leery at first meeting, but warms up once she is comfortable.



ARCHIE - QH Type - Gelding - 3yrs - Halter Broke (hard to catch... gets better with his comfort level with you) very gentle once caught.  Sweet boy who wants to trust.  1/2 Sibling to Bonnie



BONNIE - QH Type - Mare - 2 yrs - 1/2 sibling to Archie.  Very Sweet, but timid, is getting much better with age and her own confidence.  Not Halter Broke, but willing to please 



DREAM - QH Type - Mare - 2 yrs - Beautiful Bay filly, just starting to trust.  Will make a great partner with patience. Soft temperament.  Not Halter Broke




GRACE - QH Type - Mare - 8+ - Soft and Sweet mare.  an old soul.  I have a feeling she is Halter Broke and Broke to ride, just has not been confirmed



HOPE - QH Type - Mare - 8+ - Soft and Sweet mare.. BFF with Grace.  I have a feeling she is also Halter Broke and Broke to ride, just has not been confirmed



SASS - Standardbred Type - Filly - 2 yrs - Halter Broke - a Little Rock Star... handles all new situations with finesse.  Will make a great partner.  Loves attention and scratches



LILLY - Standardbred Type - Mare - Coming 3 yr old - Not Halter Broke (should be a very easy task) , but very friendly, great with Babies (a wonderful Auntie/Babysitter, very protective of the young ones).  Loves to have attention and be brushed.  Related to Sass, Holly, Charlie, Haylee & Kaylee



HOLLY - Standardbred Type - Mare - Coming 3 yr old - Not Halter Broke.  Was the one that took the longest to trust Humans again of the 4 youngsters. Just starting to appreciate Human interaction & touch. Related to Sass, Lilly, Charlie, Haylee & Kaylee



CHARLIE - Standardbred Type - Gelding - Coming 3 yr old - Halter Broke.  An in your pocket kind of guy.  Will follow you all day for attention.  Has the sexiest long legs !!!  Going to make someone an exceptional & stunning partner.



EVE - QH Type - Mare - 7+ - Halter Broke.  A gentle girl who meets you in the pasture for a scratch and some lovin'.  I feel she is probably Broke to ride, but not confirmed.



CHARLETTE - QH Type - Mare - 8+ - Halter Broke, but will test you.  She is sound and a beautiful mover, she has spirit and can be cheeky.  Very smart & goofy





HAYLEE & KAYLEE - Standardbred Type - Mare - 8+ - our 2 "Ladies"  they both enjoy their food, are mesmerizing to watch fly effortlessly through the pasture at mock 10 with their tails up absolutely gliding.  Love and patience will win these girls over in time.  They appreciate us humans, but feel no real need to depend on or interact with us at great length, which is understandable from their past experience.  Once bonded, either or both of these ladies will be as devoted to their humans as they are to each other.



Rescue Junior 6-13-16.jpg


JUNIOR - QH Type - Gelding - 4.5 yrs - Halter Broke - a Diamond of a horse, he loves attention, is gentle and careful, protective and smart.  He is the kind of horse that will take the right person wherever they want to go & love the trip as much as they do!



DRUCILLA - QH Type - Mare - 7 yrs - Halter Broke - Broke to Ride - Dru is the quintessential Mare, she can be crabby, cranky, and devoted as heck !! She makes no apologies for her not wanting to share her people.  Dru is best suited for a rider to whom she is their only steed.  She will absolutely flourish in an environment where she gets to partner with her one and only. 

MISSY - Picture coming as soon as she comes back from pasture this weekend

MISSY - QH Type - Mare - 4.5 yrs - Halter Broke - Can you scratch my butt???  Then Missy would love to meet you !!! A sweet as pie is this little stunner.  She loves her bum scratched and has startled many a visitor as she will, without hesitation & sometimes much to the surprise of the unexpecting human, sauntered right up to a stranger and swing that apple butt of hers your way and slowly and gently back right into the best position for bum scratching.